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Trip to Yamagata

Constant seller facility three days (3 days and 2 nights) to spend with child

We introduce sightseeing playland of Yamagata Prefecture popularity to be able to enjoy with child.
It is autumn Courses from product for parents, spring to have child of junior high student from infant.
As for the scenery to show, it is sure to get scenery heart of the beautiful country of Japan to be beaten!
  • JR Yamagata Station

    Yamagata Station is station where there is much access Shinkansen and conventional line that each place goes to visit the starting point well at Yamagata Station to be similar. There are many rent-a-car shops near station, too.

    It is 40 minutes by car

  • Kahoku-cho child Zoo

    It is Yamagata Prefecture only zoo. This zoo holds zoo of night of one-night stand at summer night. It is cozy zoo to be able to enjoy casually. It is very attractive in one of entrance free flower.

    It is 15 minutes by car

  • Niku soba that noted product is cold

    It is Class B gourmet of Yamagata Prefecture. Novel appearance and delicate taste are popular. How about eating taste of new Yamagata Prefecture by all means at this opportunity?

    It is 80 minutes by car

  • Mogami barge descent

    The powerful charm of sightseeing of Yamagata Prefecture! We can enjoy ship descent of Mogami River from adult to child. Please enjoy one-hour sea voyage while hearing story and song of Sendo.

    It is 45 minutes by car

  • Yunohama Onsen (accommodation)

    Hotels stand in a row in front in the sea, and Yunohama Onsen can look at the magnificent Sea of Japan. Do you not see play with a whore and the beautiful setting sun with all the families on sandy beach if you have time? We did meal to seafood which we were able to take in the vaunted Sea of Japan and see. We can spend time of a lot of smiles.

  • It is ten minutes by car

  • Kamo aquarium

    New gourmet using jellyfish introduces Kamo aquarium known as aquarium of jellyfish eminent Japan. Friends of the pretty sea hold pleasant show. Please enjoy the world of the sea as far as time permits.

    20 min by car

  • Shonai Bussan-Kan oldness and the main office

    As for the Shonai product building, simple food court is fully equipped with. We can enjoy Japanese dishes and seafood at restaurant. We should be able to find article here in Yamagata Nara.

    It is 45 minutes by car

  • Hagurosan

    Mt. Haguro-san is sightseeing spot eminent Yamagata Prefecture authorized to inheritance of Japan. It is dark, and Suginami Thu growing thick thickly can take in mystery and faith for the five senses at noon. Five Storeyed Pagoda is appointed to national treasure, and many people come through one year. ※Exposition including Five Storeyed Pagoda is understood now until Sunday, November 4. Come to Mt. Haguro-san by all means at this opportunity.

    It is 120 minutes by car

  • Cottage lodge camping (accommodation)

    Do you not feel nature to be in families at night of the last day? There are cottage and lodge, Campsite in Murayama area of Yamagata Prefecture (around Yamagata-shi). Do you not do experience not to be able to taste in city? It is sure to get that it is memorable night so that everyday fatigue and trouble forget that they see star-filled sky. We can come across rare ingredients when we go to local supermarket. As children can make noise without reserve, we are reliable!

  • It is 60 minutes by car

  • Lina World

    The Tohoku's greatest amusement park is right northeastern Disneyland. (laugh) can enjoy from cute attraction to scary ride on 1st. Pool is popular in the summer, too. ※As it is the winter season closure, please be careful.

    20 min by car

  • JR Yamagata Station

    Next, Yamagata Station can look around state of town and the magnificent mountains from observation deck of Ka-jo Castle central building.


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