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Trip to Yamagata

Trip (2 days and 1 night) to visit autumn colored leaves and living body France

We take a break a little before doing ship descent. We watch scenery and are refreshed!
Scenery that Mogami River to see from "hill of nagamekawa" is twisted to 90 degrees, and is wonderful.
Colored leaves along autumn Mogami River are superb views where various colors including red, yellow, green mixed!

After ascetic practices that pray for peace of the world with living body Buddha, and are severe
It is Buddhist priest whom we left with own body as mummy.
As you tell time depending on accommodation at sunset, please spend relaxedly while seeing the setting sun♪

Next to Roadside Station "Nishikawa," Mizusawa hot spring building is adjacent.
Hot spring using Nishikawa cedar uses Gassan Natural Mineral Water!
  • Delicious Yamagata Airport

    It is 80 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Koraikan

    Theme park of Japan-Korea friendship that reproduced Korean history and culture, "Momokami-no-Sato" "Korai-kan." By coined word that we put "peach" with meaning of cliff and "Cami" with meaning of basin together by Ainu on Roadside Station Hiraki Station and were named peach Cami, we give sounding called "Mogami district".

    It is ten minutes by rent-a-car

  • Mogami barge descent

    Please enjoy sea voyage of about 30 minutes while hearing sailor's song of Sendo.
    ※We can go on board from one

    It is 55 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Kaikoji

    Shonai has six living body Buddha, two bodies of those of sand Takayama Sea Mukaidera is worshiped immediately by Buddhist temple. It is only here in the whole country that two living body Buddha is dedicated to by one temple.

    It is 30 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Yunohama Onsen (accommodation)

    Hot-spring resort where is lined with inns facing the sea. Please have seafood of the Sea of Japan at night♪

  • It is 20 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Nangakuji

    Mt. south temple is above-ground house-type building where contrast of white wall and cinnabar red pillar is beautiful. Person from living body Buddha Tetsuryuu sea is laid in state on the first floor.

    It is 40 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Mount Yudono total main hall of a temple "Dainichibo Temple"

    It is the total main hall of a temple of Mount Yudono known as temple where living body Buddha Kobo Daishi (Kukai) was performed founding of. Principal idol and living body Buddha "absolute sea holy priest" of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) own work enshrine country-designated important cultural property "Buddha" (Kongo Buddha).

    It is 40 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Make Roadside Station; river

    Natural water, craft beer, seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables, delicious thing of Nishikawa-machi including pickle are prepared. At restaurant, we can enjoy cooking using local ingredients.

    It is 40 minutes by rent-a-car

  • Delicious Yamagata Airport


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