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Trip to Yamagata

History rotates using castle town "Yonezawa" of Uesugi pass, pass to watch to get on (get and back in a day)

It can rotate about history and culture of Yonezawa.
It becomes advantageous at all by spending "all Yonezawa route buses daily free-to-ride ticket" [pass which Yonezawa gets on] (250 yen lower than 500 yen for adults, primary schoolchild), "admission ticket [pass which Yonezawa watches] common throughout Yonezawa Uesugi culture facility" (1,300 yen).

The "pass to get" on mentioned above "pass to watch" period of use until Friday, November 30.
Other than five places in Courses as for "the pass to watch" mentioned above among "all 6 facilities which included Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum,
We can observe with a choice of five places. Up to 660 yen is advantageous passport, too.

Inquiry about "pass to get" on "pass to watch" to association of Yonezawa sightseeing convention (Phone: 0238-21-6226).
  • JR Yonezawa Station

    In "Yonezawa Station ASK in the Yonezawa Station yard," let's obtain [pass which Yonezawa watches] (1,300 yen) [pass which Yonezawa gets on] (500 yen for adults)!

    It is ten minutes on foot

  • Miyasaka Archaeology Museum

    [pass which Yonezawa watches is usable]
    Valuable cultural assets reaching the Uesugis including matchlock handed down to armor told that Keiji Maeda owned and Yonezawa feudal clan store and are displayed.

    It is ten minutes on foot

  • JR Yonezawa Station

    We start over history using [pass which Yonezawa gets on] of one coin route bus free-to-ride from here!

    It is 20 minutes by bus

  • Uesugi-ke Byosho [Mausoleum of Uesugi Family]

    [pass which Yonezawa watches is usable]
    In country-designated historic spot "Yonezawahanshu Uesugi's Tomb," joss house shops to 12 dai*tei stand in a row led by ancestors of a family Kenshin, and the neighborhood is met by solemn air.

    It is five minutes by bus

  • Rinsenji

    [pass which Yonezawa watches is usable]
    As Nagao, family temple of person of Uesugi, we moved from Echigo, and there is grave of Uesugi back room and chief vassal prestigious family including Kanetsugu Naoe.

    It is five minutes by bus

  • Uesugi Shrine (keishoden)

    [pass which Yonezawa watches is usable]
    Shinto shrine which is dedicated to Kenshin Uesugi built to the Yonezawa Shiromoto-maru trace in 1876. There is treasury "keishoden" to store cultural assets such as mementos of Kenshin, and to display in the precincts, and armor of "love" of Kanetsugu Naoe is must-see.

    It is three minutes on foot

  • Earl Uesugi's house

    "Yonezawa beef" to certainly want to eat if we come to Yonezawa! We can taste Uesugi traditional dish including Yonezawa beef dishes and carp dishes while looking at garden.

    It is three minutes by bus

  • Sake brewery of brewing museum Toko

    [pass which Yonezawa watches is usable]
    In big storehouse said to be Tohoku's best area, tools of state and sake brewing of liquor brewing from old days are display. We can purchase Gifts of local sake.

    It is 15 minutes by bus

  • JR Yonezawa Station

    "Pass to get" on "pass to watch", please refer to association of Yonezawa sightseeing convention homepage for sightseeing information of other Yonezawa.


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