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Trip to Yamagata

Safflower culture and trip (get and back in a day) around Class B gourmet that prospered in Mogami River water transportation

Day trip of Sagae ~ Kahoku-cho ~ Nakayama-machi using JR Aterazawa (aterazawa) line.
We assume use of taxi, but can rotate in rent-a-bicycle.
We go round local cities slowly, or how about?
  • JR Sagae Station

    From JR Yamagata Station using Aterazawa Line (aterazawasen) to Sagae Station. (time required, about 30 minutes)

    It is 12 minutes by taxi

  • zuitakarasanhonsanjionji

    Northeastern old historic temple where it is said to that it was erected in the Nara era. In the precincts nestling in slightly elevated foot of a mountain, many cultural assets including triple tower exist and are informed by Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine of neighborhood court dance and music of intangible cultural asset.

    It is 12 minutes by taxi

  • Safflower Museum

    Museum of the national only safflower in Kahoku-cho that is famous as "village of beni flower." It is mansion trace of Shirobee Horigome who was millionaire, and 5,000 points including weapon and life article and ancient documents are stored in hall.

    It is ten minutes by taxi

  • Chilled Niku soba, Sauce Katsudon

    Speaking of local gourmet of Kahoku-cho that has won a prize for B1 Grand Prix "chilled Niku soba." We can appreciate in shop of each place in Kahoku-cho. In addition, Sauce Katsudon is recommended, too.
    (each place in Kahoku-cho)

    It is ten minutes by taxi

  • Cherry Land Sagae

    A lot of Gifts such as special product of each place in Yamagata Prefecture and seasonal fruit, selected craft is had. Please appreciate original ice cream by all means!

    It is ten minutes by taxi

  • Furusawa brewing

    Well-established brewing company which was founded in 1836, and produced many famous sake. We can observe trip made with sake. Making soba experience is possible, too (reservation required).

    It is ten minutes by taxi

  • Hanasaki, Sagae or hot spring yu ~ cherry

    Fatigue of trip is refreshed in one-day hot spring! Everyday fatigue is healed if it soaks in hot spring at outdoor bath which can view Mogami River.

    It is ten minutes by taxi

  • Kashiwagurazaemonke residence

    Village official of the early period of Edo era, person of Kashiwakura nine left e gate house. Magnificent mansion built on site of about 4,000 tsubos is appointed in cultural assets of Yamagata Prefecture.

    It is five minutes by taxi

  • JR Uzen-Nagasaki Station

    From JR Uzen-Nagasaki Station using Aterazawa Line (aterazawasen) to Yamagata Station. (time required, about 20 minutes)


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