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Trip to Yamagata

It is OK from three hours! Rent-a-bicycle excursion (get and back in a day) in Shinjo-shi

It is recommended to excursion that started from terminal, Shinjo Station of the Yamagata Shinkansen.
As a radius of about less than 3km is dotted with main facilities, we can experience life, culture of Mogami district.

  • JR Shinjo Station, Yumeria

    Add to terminal of the Yamagata Shinkansen, JR Shinjo Station, sightseeing base of eight Mogami districts including Shinjo-shi. At first product building or comics museum will start from here!


  • Specialty of Shinjyo "ramen which acts as go-between"

    At first it is stomach goshirae with "ramen acting as go-between" of Shinjyo noted product! It is different in noodles and soup, how to boil of organ meat by shop, and fan from distant place is much popular ramen, too.
    (various places throughout the city)


  • Shinjo Furusato History Center

    We introduce life of this area from three viewpoints of snowy district, Festivals, castle town. As for display of festival car of Shinjyo Festival registered with world's cultural heritage or the underground Old articles daily used by people, interest is attracted.

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • Yuki-no-Sato information building

    "Snowy hometown, Shinjyo " is the snow damage relief campaign birthplace. We display beautiful snowy crystal and snowy scientific property, document of life and culture of snowy district.

    It is ten minutes by bicycle

  • The Shinjyo feudal lord Tozawas cemetery (country designated historic spot)

    The Shinjyo feudal lord Tozawas cemetery is cemetery of the Tozawas each generation who ruled whole Mogami district in the Edo era. There is solemn atmosphere of mausoleum in the area.

    It is 15 minutes by bicycle

  • Shinjyo twilling hexagonally (grasshopper tenement house)

    Fantastic textile "twilling hexagonally" that began in 1830, and has been cut off once. We can scarcely look at Shirabu place to finish weaving in traditional handwoven textiles in others.

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • JR Shinjo Station


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