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Trip to Yamagata

With bicycle tour Courses footbathing that we can enjoy in piece and town "Tendo" of hot water three hours of shogi! (get and back in a day)

We make a round trip of Tendo that is famous in piece and hot spring of shogi in bicycle less than three hours.
Pleasure to see monument, shogi problem of piece in many places of town if we run comfortably by bicycle is Tendo Nara. We can experience drawn shogi piece and kokeshi doll production in Eishun-do (reservation required), and footbathing heals fatigue of trip that there are three places in in the city.
We can enjoy a time to think about stillness and history in object-like temple street to be gorgeous of hot-spring resort.
  • JR Tendo Station

    Tendo-City tourist Information Center is on the second floor of parute. We take sale of product product, consultation of trip, bicycle for rent.

    It is one minute on foot

  • Shogi museum

    The first floor of Tendo Station. [Closed] We display history of shogi, production process of shogi, piece of one of the world, every thing about shogi including work of piece artisan clearly every month on third Monday (when Monday is holiday the next day).

    It is one minute on foot

  • Tendo-City tourist Information Center

    Well, let's borrow bicycle in Tendo-City tourist Information Center on the second floor of parute. It is 300 yen a day until from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • We take a walk through along the Kuratsu-gawa River

    Famous spot of secret weeping cherry tree. We are lighted up by night in season of cherry blossoms and are wonderful. It is several minutes on foot from hot-spring resort. Bridge spanning river has all the name of shogi.

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • Eishun-do

    It is demonstration sale place of shogi piece. We dig, and handle of engraver is place to display and sell of various shogi pieces which can do visit of demonstration. Drawn shogi piece experience and kokeshi doll production experience need reservation.
    Closed It is 5:00 from 8:00 a.m.

    It is one minute by bicycle

  • Hiroshige Museum

    It is in the latter half of the Edo era, and ukiyoe print that Tendo Oda feudal clan had Hiroshige Utagawa describe is displayed. There is hot water of child of footbath aside immediately.
    [Closed] It is irregular on Tuesday

    It is one minute by bicycle

  • Hot water (footbath) of the sky

    It is next to Tendo Hot Springs "azuma-so". There are hand hot water and spring water drinking other than footbath, too.
    Open 365 days a year Until from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. It is not available about cleaning for from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. of Monday, Thursday.

    It is three minutes by bicycle

  • Roadside Station Tendo Hot Springs

    Village Tendo of shogi piece and hot spring and fruit. There is Roadside Station in the center of city, and footbath is popular. We can spend time in Park of large site happily leisurely.

    It is ten minutes by bicycle

  • Takeisao Shrine

    Enshrined deity erected in 1870 is Nobunaga Oda, and main hall, front shrine, main hall to pray keep figure at the time. It is quiet appearance that it is like object to be gorgeous of hot-spring resort.

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • Tendo City Government Building Resource Center

    We display state of Tendo and Higashimurayama-gun of the late Tokugawa period and change, living of people.
    [Closed] Every Monday (but Monday at the age of holiday the next day)
    Admission General 200 yen

    It is five minutes by bicycle

  • JR Tendo Station


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