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[Oe-machi] Sunday, September 16 holding! Autumn festival of Oe

Traditional Events "autumn festival of Oe" holding of Oe-machi!

It is news of Details schedule.


Schedule : Sunday, September 16, 2018

<Time> : 11:20 a.m. start

<Location> : The JR Aterazawa station square


Appearance group <Time>
MOVER hip-hop dance 11:20
Fukazawa ward lion dance 11:30
7 ku*okudai 11:45
Three wards of Aterazawa lion dances 12:05
It is still the sum society mikoshi nine wards 12:20
Proprietress so orchid fans society 12:30
Gomenmachi orchestra preservation society 12:35
Yahata mikoshi (oak-like meeting) 13:00



We want to be able to go ahead by such contents this year.

We look forward to your visit.


It is this in detail about each appearance group.






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