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Trip to Yamagata

Zao Okama & kaminoyama walk (2 days and 1 night) to go for in free shuttle bus "green echo"

At "Kaminoyama Hot Spring tourist information center" which just opened in April, 2018
You can enjoy sweets using cafe and local fruit.

Kaminoyama-jo Castle neighborhood leaves old atmosphere,
Alleys that entered one path have building of tenement house origin, and atmosphere is plentiful.
Walk that we wear yukata which we borrowed in inn is recommended.
  • JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station

    It is two minutes on foot


    Kaminoyama Hot Spring tourist information center

    We open in April, 2018. We show guidebook and the accommodations, product of Ueyama.
    ≪Tenant in facility≫
    ・Enjoy, and parfait and shake using seasonal fruit sell local fruit, vegetables in "HATAKE Cafe" which orchard runs.
    ・We provide discerning coffee in "Mori roast studio of Zao". We are doing lunch business.

    It is ten minutes on foot


    The 15 shop head office (experience made with Japanese confectionery)

    Well-established Kashiya founded in 1913 (Taisho 2).
    Proprietress of shop tells the making of upper Japanese confectionery carefully.
    Japanese confectionery, Western confectioneries form a line in shop, and noren of "ice" falls down to the storefront in the summer. There is eat-in space.
    Experience-based time: 14:00 ~ (about 40 minutes)
    ※Advance reservations required

    It is five minutes on foot


    Kaminoyama Castle

    It was the southernmost fort of Mogami, and Kaminoyama-jo Castle became stage of the offense and defense with Date and Uesugi of Yonezawa. Kaminoyama-jo Castle used to be praised as “Renowned Castle of Dewa.” After 290 years since being tore down by the order of the feudal government, it came back to life again as folk museum. Moat trace and stone wall are leaving trace at the time now.
    As the center of Kaminoyama-shi, national scarecrow Festival is held in wine bar, autumn in summer.

    It is five minutes on foot


    Samurai residence street

    In samurai residence of Ueyama feudal clan, four houses of the Morimotos, the Miwas, the Yamadas, the old Sogabes link the eaves.

    It is immediate on foot


    Kaminoyama Hot Spring (accommodation)

    Historical hot spring resort that did open hot water about 560 years ago.
    Hot spring is water-clear, and it is alkalescent hot spring. It is straight and is smooth hot water zawaride, "gentle hot spring which can enter even baby in peace".
    We may perform pickup and drop-off to accommodation by facility. It will be good to talk with accommodation when there is distance to facility.

  • Free shuttle bus "green echo"

    Free shuttle bus which is convenient for Zao Okama sightseeing that can take via Kaminoyama-Onsen Station, hot-spring resort. It is microbus of 26 self-introduction by use of spare chair. Colored leaves of Liza World stopping by break on the way are wonderful at time of autumn colored leaves. We use lift from Katsuta parking lot and lead to Okama.
    ※It is not bus needing reservations.

    It is 60 minutes by bus


    Zao Okama

    Crater lake of Mount Zao. In around the Okama, color of Wed changes by trick of the light at 1,000 meters. Altitude is that Temp is lower approximately 10 degrees Celsius than 1,674m, city area, and Mt. five colors with Okama is cool place even in the summer. We use ropeway than Zao Hot Springs, and route which climbs a mountain, and goes from Mt. guardian deity of children is popular with mountain enthusiasts.

    It is 60 minutes by bus

  • JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station


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