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Trip to Yamagata

[Kendama challenge map] Appearance!

[Kendama challenge map] Appearance! : Image

"Sun 2018 that was performed for 12.13 days in May of this year of Kendama"

One of the Events Kendama challenge rally performed there

We want to go to that shop which is town! We receive reaction called this and know the Kendama challenge conduct store at glance

We made "Kendama challenge map".


It was the number of the conduct stores, but had company, store of [54] cooperate how.

And from person who collected stamps over many stores

Present of local article for sale which is luxurious for [95 people] by lot!

Application period is twice in all!

Various premiums are prepared according to the number of the stamps which we collected.


Then what do you get? There should be much one to be worried about in this!

Therefore it is given which went around most stores this time

[more than complete prize (50 stamp)] We introduce this.

At first

"Pea meat restaurant Yonezawa beef 3,000 yen equivalency"

As for the 3,000 yen minute, doh gets that famous Yonezawa beef in large quantities.

We are presented from person who applied for the second by one person!




"Oasis chilled shampoo

& Treatment set"

Yamagata is this! We get set which can be refreshed clearly if we use.

We are presented from person who applied for each time by one person!



And premium which wants to have Kendama fan in its hand by all means is the other

"� Yamagata studio-limited Kendama!"

He/she knows and gets the occasional limited Kendama from Yamagata studio!

※Nobody knows what you get.

We are presented from person who applied for each time by three people!


We put map to each Roadside Station and cooperation store in the city.

With map, let's challenges promptly in that shop which is town!



There are two corrections with flyer distribution version.

1.It becomes "25 stamp prizes" in premium indication column of the cover back, but becomes "20 stamp prizes" definitely.

2.Business hours of back side "warm stone" store explanation are "from 9:00 to 18:00", but it is "from 9:00 to 16:00" definitely.

In addition, please be careful as you added notation of "no fixed holiday".

I'm sorry to have troubled you we apologize for than thing feeling.


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