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Trip to Yamagata

“Yamagata Biyori.” It recruits Mt. Gassan mountain climbing participants of citizen of the prefecture mountain climbing early fall

100 famous mountains in Japan "Mt. Gassan" of Yamagata Prefecture because is approximately central,
Sun which it was fine can enjoy Mt. Chokai-san and Asahi Peaks, outstanding view including Zao.
We become a target of faith as one of the Dewa San-zan with Mt. Haguro-san, Mount Yudono from ancient times
Do you not climb Mt. Gassan of early fall with local guide?

From tour and Mt. Gassan 8th station to climb from Ubasawa, Nishikawa-machi, and to traverse
It is tour (Mt. Gassan 8th station field meeting) toward the mountaintop.

Departure Date Sunday, September 2
[the days] Get and back in a day
[Events plan] Public corporation Yamagata prefecture sightseeing products association
[support] Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting

≪Mt. Gassan mountain traversing Courses≫
Bass of (via Sagae service area) is with pickup and drop-off from the Yamagata city,
It is Courses which mountain traversing mountain climbing (the Ubasawa ~ Mt. Gassan mountaintop ~ eighth stage) can make Mt. Gassan into!

With impromptu mushroom juice!
Admission 9,500 yen (per person)
For more information:
[trip plan, conduct] Yamako Kanko TEL. 023-641-4567

≪Mt. Gassan 8th station (Tsuruoka-shi) departure Courses≫
It is Courses going along Midagahara, French straight pond hut by local meeting, field dissolution (the eighth stage ~ Mt. Gassan mountaintop)!

With impromptu mushroom juice!
Admission 2,980 yen (per person)
For more information:
[trip plan, conduct] kabushikikaisha*ko Corporation TEL. 0235-24-2550

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