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Trip to Yamagata

Summer Mount Yudono Sun return Courses (Yamagata adult trip)

Time when Mount Yudono can go and worship through one year is limited.
How about going to visit mystery and the mysterious ground?

Yamagata Prefecture has living body Buddha, but this is available for visit without reservation.
Kome-no-Ko-no-Taki Waterfalls drive-in is large drive-in where waterfall is seen in.

There was tall building at the station square. View is the best!
You may spend time relaxedly at parting time of Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Yamagata Station

    Yamagata Station is station where there is much access Shinkansen and conventional line that each place goes to visit the starting point well at Yamagata Station to be similar. There are many rent-a-car shops near station, too.

    Car 60 minutes

  • Yudonosan

    We advance to entrance of Hongu for stretch using Mount Yudono toll road, worship bus from parking lot. When weave bus, and advance to visit, scenery changes completely, too; to another world. Experience to be possible only here. We can enjoy "senjin*onsen" for 500 yen (from 9:00 to 15:00) in parking lot side "yudensansanryokagosho" and can enjoy two kinds of lunch set (from 11:30 to 14:00).

    It is 35 minutes by car

  • Dainichibo

    It was gone and worshiped at the Mount Yudono total main hall of a temple woman in Mount Yudono Mount Yudono in the times of exclusion of women by this temple. We enshrine complete living body Buddhist statue and hold many culture cultural assets. You can see living body Buddha close above all. Deva gate of the Kamakura era foundation is the highlight, too.

    5 min by car

  • Kome-no-Ko-no-Taki Waterfalls drive-in

    You can see Kome-no-Ko-no-Taki Waterfalls in front of the drive-in.

    It is 70 minutes by car

  • Yamagata Station

    There are a lot of restaurants that sale here dishes of "special product of Yamagata Prefecture" can enjoy in front of Yamagata Station. We can look around state of town and the magnificent mountains from observation deck of Ka-jo Castle central building.


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