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Trip to Yamagata

Summer Mount Yudono Sun return Courses (Tsuruoka family edition)

Time when Mount Yudono can go and worship through one year is limited.
How about going to visit mystery and the mysterious ground?

Gassan Asahi Natural History Village has beetle & bouldering & trick art that is popular among children
We are excited even if we become adult. Let's play with all one's might.

Do you not spend the last time in fudeeva of the station square?
It was driving difficulty. We take sake of delicious Yamagata here.
  • Tsuruoka Station

    Tsuruoka Station is station where there is much access route bus and conventional line that each place goes to visit the starting point well at Tsuruoka Station to be similar. There is rent-a-car shop in the neighborhood of station, too.

    Car 50 minutes

  • Yudonosan

    We advance to entrance of Hongu for stretch using Mount Yudono toll road, worship bus from parking lot. When weave bus, and advance to visit, scenery changes completely, too; to another world. Experience to be possible only here. We can enjoy "senjin*onsen" for 500 yen (from 9:00 to 15:00) in parking lot side "yudensansanryokagosho" and can enjoy two kinds of lunch set (from 11:30 to 14:00).

    It is 25 minutes by car

  • Gassan Asahi Natural History Village

    We do "Mt. Gassan beetle garden" or OPEN to 8/16 in 2018. We can experience popular bouldering in "Kura of Sanskrit characters" to be able to enjoy because of rain. Ice-cream cone is most suitable for sherbet which there is "teahouse", and is cold to refresh body. We hold "trick art" exhibition to 9/30.

    It is 40 minutes by car

  • FOODEVER (fudeeva)

    FOODEVER which was born newly near Tsuruoka Station is popular facility. If shopping has time for meal, we discuss the rights and wrongs.


  • Tsuruoka Station


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