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Trip to Yamagata

Summer vacation (get and back in a day) of adult enjoying nature of Murayama with eyes and tongue

We go north along the Mogami River to Oishida-machi from Murayama Station.
It circulates through hot spring and Mogami River Museum and Nijigaoka Park (Yamagata scenery story recommended View Point 53) on the way.

Oishida side way where local popular shop affects.
Person having a lot of stomachs recommends super popular shop of Oishida, 1,000 dumplings.

Obanazawa watermelon village (JA) drops in on the way to Ginzan Hot Springs from Oishida-machi.
We purchase genuine watermelon sampling &.
Finally, we take a walk in Ginzan Hot Springs, and let's relax in footbath.
  • JR Yamagata Station

    It is 37 minutes by train

  • JR Murayama Station

    Yamagata Shinkansen stop. There is rent-a-car shop at the station square.

    It is ten minutes by car


    Goten health facility

    We can enjoy open-air bath, large communal bath, bedrock bath (day before reservation required) flowing constantly from the source to look at Mogami River.
    Day trip bath 400 yen bedrock bath ha 600 yen belonging to.

    It is nine minutes by car


    Mogami River Museum

    We display work of Keiji Mashimo about Mogami River for life. It is on hill overlooking Mogami River under eyes. Coffee to drink in lounge which can look at great meandering department of river (Oyodo) is particular.

    It is 15 minutes by car


    Nijigaoka Park

    We can overlook Mogami River which flows while meandering from observation deck on sheer cliff close.

    It is six minutes by car


    Oishida side way

    Oishida side way where local popular shop affects. Person having a lot of stomachs is scree in walnut dumpling and green soybeans nozundandangoo call with "1,000 dumplings" of four minutes by car.

    It is ten minutes by car


    Spring direct marketing building haitto

    Sampling of Obanazawa watermelon having just finished being produced in selling directly to the consumer place and shopping
    Watermelon sale until about August 21. TEL: 0237-22-1515

    It is 17 minutes by car


    Ginzan Hot Springs

    Town of hot water of Taisho romance. There are public bathhouse and footbathing, too. We start Hanagasa Odori (dance) at 8:30 p.m. on bridge every Saturday from May through October. 

    It is 37 minutes by car

  • JR Murayama Station


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