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Trip to Yamagata

Trip (2 days and 1 night) to call in good matches

A lot of good match power spots are in Yamagata.
It is Courses which can go around around Murayama district and Mogami district so that we cut off evil destiny in that and call in good matches and are blessed with children, and life happiness can spend youthfully.

As only power spot includes the history and is tasteful temple, it is interesting to check affinity that it was at power spot.
  • 9:00JR Yamagata Station

    It is 30 minutes by car


    9:30 Risshaku-ji Temple Risshaku-ji Temple

    Risshaku-ji Temple is called Hojusan Risshaku Temple definitely and is Ryozen representing Tohoku in Imperial mausoleum of Tendai sect. We are known as temple giving refuge to soon-to-be divorced women cutting off evil destiny for a long time. The Buddha of Healing laid in state in Konpon Chudo varies; was said that there was benefit that followed because was bad, and cut off evil destiny, and it was said, and relationship came over, and found happiness and have been prayed from old days when life improved. It is considered to be origin called temple of evil destiny limit.

    It is ten minutes by car


    12:10 soba restaurant Jagaramura Village

    We washed somen which we boiled using cold spring in hometown from old days and, tightening, ate delicious somen of eminent drinkability. Tempura uses fresh vegetables from hometown, too. Then pattern konjac is famous, too.

    It is 15 minutes by car


    13:30 young Matsudera

    It is hallowed ground that line basis Bodhisattva performed founding of in 708 (Christian era 708 years) at the end of the Asuka era. We are known as the "matchmaking" Kannon. Event of "matchmaking" is carried out every month, too.

    It is 90 minutes by car


    15:45 Hijiori Onsen walk

    Barrier preventing landslide where old mail office and Hijiori dam built in 1937 were made in 1952. Building feeling the history is left in nostalgic hot-spring resort.


    16:45 accommodations

    In 20 inns of Hijiori hot-spring resort, all inns are absorbed in bath flowing constantly from the source. Furthermore, dishes are local cuisine which we used local nature material for luxuriously good for your health, too.

  • 9:00 departure

    It is 40 minutes on foot


    9:40 guardian deity of children storehouse

    Guardian deity of children storehouse is hallowed ground to be informed when aged priest concerning open hot water omen lived. It is said that we are blessed with good matches when torsion puts paper through hole of quay.

    It is 80 minutes by car


    11:30 Jionji, Motoyama

    When it was done founding by Imperial command of the Emperor Shomu in 746 (Tenpyo 18) by Indian Buddhist priest grandmother Luo gate rose thing, we are informed. Many cultural assets are left in the history accumulated since founder for approximately 1,300 years, and there is country designation important cultural property including Buddha statue which Kamakura is in the middle, and hangs from peace last years, and was made a lot. There is bowl of big iron when we enter the main hall of a Buddhist temple. It is said that there is benefit of the restoration of youth when we put head in this bowl (cast iron rice offerings to the Buddha bowl).


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