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Trip to Yamagata

We wait for Roadside Station ASAHI on 7/21 Saturday [pink usahi new product] and release

We wait for Roadside Station ASAHI on 7/21 Saturday [pink usahi new product] and release: Image

August 20 postscript

Thanks to you, we have favorable reception, and "usahi bowl" is sold out,

It became the sale end.

Thank you, all of you who had you buy.


August 7 postscript

Thanks to you, we had favorable reception, and "usahi bowl" was sold out.

And the re-arrival was decided.

It is going to be received on August 11, 2018 (Sat, celebration).

It becomes resale start as soon as we can prepare.

Please wait for a while.


PR character non-official town

New goods of pink usahi were born.

By joint development of Mori (we wait for Roadside Station ASAHI) of third grader and apple out of Asahi,

Two kinds of original goods "bowl" and "adhesive plaster."

In commemoration of release, usahi comes up in Roadside Station this weekend, too.

We look forward to your coming.


The release date and time: Saturday, July 21, 2018 9:00 ~

<Location> Wait for Roadside Station ASAHI; Mori of apple

Price: Bowl 1,000 yen (tax-included)

   Adhesive plaster 330 yen (tax-included)


usahi appearance schedule this (move to site)



You can see picture which was introduced by the following URL in Sankurambo TV.

(than Yahoo! News)


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