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Trip to Yamagata

★Meal Festival of Mogami-machi Akakura Onsen summer

  • ★Meal Festival of Mogami-machi Akakura Onsen summer
  • ★Meal Festival of Mogami-machi Akakura Onsen summer

One-day luxurious plan to get completely exhausted in the summer, and to vanish in hot spring saying "we remain for Wed!"

How about "remaining for" Wed going along ~ and throat smoothly in hot summer?♪
It is plan to be able to enjoy, "we remain for Wed" that it is fragrant using chilled soba tea of Mogami premature delivery.
<< to remain for Wed?>>
It is local cuisine transmitted through cold water for a long time in rice nikaketesarasarattoitadaku, summer of Yamagata.
Please appreciate Wed kakemammaogo of "mogamimachinaradeha" using ingredients from Mogami-machi.


[on the date] : From Sunday, July 1 to Sunday, September 30

<Time> : From 10:00 to 15:00 (as for the meal from 11:00 to 13:00)

Admission : It includes 4,500 yen (tax-excluded) bathing charges, room charge

            Yukatas cost additional charge.
            Rates such as yukatas, please note that they are different every facility.


● Low dining table successfully luxurious for Wed
 (content of dishes is different every inn)
● Quantity of water-rich hot spring flowing constantly from the source
 (belonging to phi studio Orr)
● Use of private room of up to five hours


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[conduct inn]


shukuyu*oku �0233-45-2201 of *yu

shukusankore* �0233-45-2301 of yushu

Original �0233-45-2215 of accommodation hot water of child song

Green and inn     �0233-45-2231

Until the day before apply.
Please refer to each inn for reservation of Naka early during tray period.



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