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Trip to Yamagata

Trip to superb view of Cherry picking (Nanyo-shi) & early summer (Nagai-shi)

  • JR Akayu Station

    It is 10-15 minutes by car

  • Cherry picking

    Please enjoy Cherry picking to one's heart's content. (approximately two hours)

    It is 10-15 minutes by car

  • Akayu Onsen (footbath)

    Yoshitsuna Minamotono discovers Akayu Onsen in 1093 (Kanji 7). It is atmospheric hot spring which is bright with fruit and flower and Ideyu Hot Springs, health of lake. In "Akko Poppo-Yu Hot Springs," we can enjoy footbathing. 
    (30 minutes)

    It is 10-15 minutes on foot

  • Eboshiyama Park

    There is Eboshiyama Park in the ground which can overlook Yonezawa Basin and can enjoy spring cherry tree, summer shade of a tree, autumn colored leaves and scenery and view in the four seasons and is Park of hill where remaining snow expects shining Azuma (Azuma) mountain range, Iitoyo (Iide) Asahi Peaks from. We are known as "warren of edohigan".
    (from one hour to one and a half hours)

    It is 10-15 minutes on foot

  • Akayu Onsen (accommodation)

    After dipping body which soldier rustles in Akayu Onsen proud of the old history of the rest of life for open hot water 920 years, and was hurt into hot water, wound is cured immediately, and it is said that Akayu Onsen was derived from having been dyed with blood red-hot.

  • It is 35 minutes by car

  • Nogawa Lake 100 autumns when we learn, and hall / is long

    Scenery that rich nature shows color around the surface of the water where dam lake "Lake 100 long autumns" of Nagai Dam that was born in 2011 is very large is charm. Deep valley called part "three deep water" (see edge) of lake of upper reaches is the boat touring's greatest highlight in 100 long autumns. (given priority to reservation)
    (from two hours to two and a half hours)

    It is 25 minutes by car

  • All and Nagai of Roadside Station river

    "All and Nagai of river" are dispatch of sightseeing information, facilities introducing special product as doorway of Nagai-shi. We provide information and thing which are available only in Nagai and are open as "interchange base of bustle" producing vitality to wait.
    (from one and a half hours to two hours)


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