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Trip to Yamagata

We enjoy Higashine in Cherry picking & families (Higashine-shi)

  • JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station

    It is 15 minutes by car

  • Cherry picking

    Please enjoy Cherry picking to one's heart's content. (approximately two hours)

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Otaki Waterfalls (drive-in Oizumi) of Sekiyama

    It is on the drive-in back close to Route 48 Sekiyama tunnel and is waterfall which is gracefulness to be able to enjoy casually. We attract attention as power spot.
    (we include meal from one hour to one and a half hours)

    It is 15 minutes by car

  • asobia land

    We can enjoy every story-telling of picture book, paper doll to which children pray for fine weather structure, season including wheat flour clay play in parent and child under train gokkodeasobia walk, the blue sky. Rainy Sun demoasobiahirobagaarimasuyo.
    (from two hours to two and a half hours)

    It is two minutes on foot

  • Yotteke Popora

    The mottos of Farmer’s Market Yotteke Popora are freshness, safety, and reassurance. Gelato with an ample choice is very popular. Anyone from infant to elderly can enjoy.

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Sakurambo Higashine Onsen

    Hot water of beautiful rural district viewing Mt. Gassan, Hayama, Asahidake from a distance. It is hot spring which is most suitable for both families and group with abundant quantity of water.
    (from one hour to one and a half hours)


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