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Trip to Yamagata

We experience Cherry picking (Higashine-shi) & history, culture (Kaminoyama-shi)

  • JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station

    It is 15 minutes by car


    Cherry picking

    Please enjoy Cherry picking to one's heart's content. (approximately two hours)

    It is 25 minutes by car


    Muda gluten way walk

    In "Muda accommodation which ever prospered as post town of Dewa way," coming gluten place preparing links the eaves from the Edo era. You can enjoy experience and gluten Kaiseki made with fried gluten if you make a reservation.
    (from one and a half hours to two hours including meal)

    It is 15 minutes by car

  • JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station

    It is 30 minutes by train

  • JR Yamagata Station (transfer)

    It is 13 minutes by train

  • JR Kaminoyama-Onsen Station

    It is nine minutes on foot


    Kaminoyama Castle

    Kaminoyama-jo Castle used to be praised as “Renowned Castle of Dewa.” After 290 years since being tore down by the order of the feudal government, it came back to life again as folk museum.
    (we include break one hour)

    It is two minutes by car        It is five minutes on foot


    Kaminoyama Hot Spring

    Is proud of the history of open hot water more than 560 years; "Kaminoyama Hot Spring." It is old, and this place that prospered again as post town of Dewa way as castle town of Kaminoyama-jo Castle is hot spring resort where taste of castle town still breathes.
    (from one hour to one and a half hours)


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