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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture is naive! News of amphibious bus examination service

Yamagata Prefecture is naive! News of amphibious bus examination service: Image

It is becoming [it is full at all schedules, all flights] now.

] Yamagata Prefecture is naive! Examination service of "amphibious bus" is carried out in Nagai-shi!

We can experience while guide by specialized guide being fun, and studying.


One lap of approximately 70 minutes

Roadside Station leaves "all and Nagai of river"


Run on general way; to Nagai Dam (one-way approximately 10km)


We die by drowning with the Boone to "Lake Nagai Dam 100 autumn"!

Route becomes the neighborhood of dragon King Ohashi and operates Courses of 1.5km for around 30 minutes.


Arrival of Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river"


■Service Sun■

Friday, July 6, 2018, Saturday, July 7, Sunday, July 8 

■Appearance line time■

The first flight from 9:30 to 10:40

The second flight from 11:20 to 12:30

The third flight from 13:30 to 14:40

※We become receptionist only for 1.2 flights on Friday, July 6.


Adult 2,000 yen (more than junior high student)

Child 1,000 yen (3 years old ~ primary schoolchild)

Infant 500 yen (0 years old - 2 years old) ※There is not seat.

※On the day it becomes payment with cash.


Each up to 34 flights

It is becoming all schedules, all flights [it is full] now.

We do acceptance by waiting for a cancellation.


Yamagata Nagai Tourism Office


※We become receptionist only on the telephone.

Address, full name, phone number of all the proposed one is necessary.

※Application is "first-come-first-served basis". Seat becomes "application order" for some time.


Come to all of Roadside Station river and "tourist information center" of Nagai until 20 minutes before train time.

We present "specially made can badge" toward the ride questionnaire cooperation.


On the day "LEGEND zero FIVE" which has you take

●Please read one having you take by all means●

There is not windowpane to 1, amphibious bus.

As you travel in rainy day, please prepare rain outfits respectively. (specifications of umbrella in the car are prohibition)

As there is not the air-conditioner equipment, I would like clothing adjustment in you.

Spray may splatter at 2, forward seat.

As restroom is not in 3, the inside of car, please finish before departure.

4, the inside of car are eating and drinking, No Smoking. In addition, ride in state that drank for security to other customers as become annoying, decline.

Trunk is not in 5, the inside of car. As baggage caretakers do not go, I would like Administration by each person.

To child who is lower than 6, primary schoolchild, please wear lifesaving jacket. (free rental)

I decline ride that I am with 7, pet.

When, in consideration of 8, safety, judge that service manager is not filled with the increase and decrease, driftwood of strong wind, dense fog, typhoon, surface of a lake water level in service standard, without notice of service stop, and it may be suspension.


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