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Trip to Yamagata

About release of "kotorippu Yamagata Yonezawa, Tsuruoka, Sakata"

"kotorippu Yamagata Yonezawa, Tsuruoka, Sakata" was released by Shobunsha Publications Inc.

Yamagata that overflows in seasonal color.
We cut in culture, art, walk, cafe lunch, dinner, miscellaneous goods, fashion, souvenir, hot spring, power spot, element okotorippurashii glance of trip such as accommodation with this book, and fruit of nostalgic taste and specialty which Yamagata has, number including scenery every season suggest trip that can thoroughly enjoy charm that there is.

"kotorippu Yamagata Yonezawa, Tsuruoka, Sakata,"
You can purchase at bookstores or convenience stores of the whole country.
[price] 800 yen (tax-excluded)

In addition, we distribute kotorippuno digest version at the following places.
※Number includes limit.

○Yamagata Tourist Information Center


At this opportunity, let's enjoy trip to Yamagata to kotorippuo one hand by all means.

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