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Trip to Yamagata

★Semi, Yamagata hot spring use of advantageous accommodation ticket limited sale!

★Use of advantageous "Semi Hot Springs" accommodation ticket second limited sale★


[sale Sun] Sunday, June 3, 2018 11:00 ~ (only on the day)

[sale place] "Semi shikakeri" event site, former Semi Elementary School

Advantageous accommodation coupon
Of *2 piece of 5,000 yen per accommodation coupon which is usable in Semi Hot Springs, one set
It is chance that ticket for 10,000 yen can purchase for 7,000 yen!
It is held in Semi Hot Springs on Sunday, June 3
We sell in ~ venue at "Semi shikakeri 2018" 11:00.
We can purchase to three sets per person.
Anyone can purchase the second.
It becomes sale only for the day of the Events.
It is 100 sets of limitation. It becomes the end as soon as we reach quota.


 [advantageous accommodation coupon] Inn which this is available to

 *Outlook on yumemino accommodation pine building �0233-42-2311

 *yugenkishiro     �0233-42-2011

 *Inn Ogawaya     �0233-42-2411

 *Inn Hoteiya    �0233-42-2427

 *Ebisu shop inn     �0233-42-2410

 *Accommodation magoroku �0233-42-2031 of the four seasons


 Inquiry is Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association 0233-42-2123
 Semi Hot Springs homepage is this place

 Information of Mogami-machi is "MOGAPO"

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