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Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) "opening Events"

Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) "opening Events:" Image

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Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) closed down for the winter season finally opens!

Opening Events is held on April 29.

For Golden Week, let's go out to Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) feeling coming of spring to play (^o^)/


▼Opening Events

  □Date and time April 29, 2018 (Sun of Sun, Showa)

  □Time from 10:00 to 15:00

  □Around place forest learning pavilion

  □Events contents

   ・Green present (the first 200 people)

   ・Spring forest guidance  

   ・Behavior rice cake

   ・Blue sky craft classroom

   ・Old days play experience

   ・Spot sale society of fields and mountains grass, flower seedling

   ・Sale of handmade cake by Yamanobe high school student student

   ・Great driving society of mini-SL spring

□Reference Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) telephone: 023-666-2116


In addition, on Sunday, May 27, "fresh green Festival" is held. Events that this place is fun is varied.

In addition, various events are carried out in Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest). Would you like to come to the Kenmin-no-Mori (Prefectural Public Forest) felt seasonal season?

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