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Trip to Yamagata

[#1248] In Yamagata city cycling ~ Yamagata-shi (Apr three weeks)

[#1248] In Yamagata city cycling ~ Yamagata-shi (Apr three weeks): Image

This trip is prefectural seat, Yamagata-shi of Yamagata Prefecture! We had Seoul food only in Yamagata.

Under program streaming!

Snacks person
There is near the Kajo Park south gate which is known as famous spot of cherry tree by bicycle from JR Yamagata Station for five minutes
Specialty store of specialty of Yamagata "Dondonyaki." Dondonyaki was sold at branches of festival from old days
Snacks of powder thing. We bake secret dough on iron plate and are unique form that we can coil ourselves around disposable chopsticks round and round and did into a stick form.
Because sounded drum more and more, and peddled; with the name ask, and is broken.
Telephone: 023-646-1344 (snacks person)
HP: Snacks person HP

(Yamagata Marugoto-kan) Beni-no-kura
It is compound facility in Yamagata-shi center that utilized warehouse of old family of safflower merchant. Other than Sat from place,
In addition to noodle shop which side and local cuisine can enjoy with local sake of Yamagata, French of local production for local consumption
There is cafe & dining which Italian can enjoy.
Telephone: 023-679-5101 (deep red Kura)
HP: Deep red Kura HP

Oomi shop soba
It is well-established noodle shop in place for approximately five minutes from deep red Kura by bicycle. 28 hammering out Teuchi soba which are rare in Yamagata.
So-called squid arms sky where indispensable one fried foot of cuttlefish near. It is Yamagata as menu called squid arms Tempura soba
We colonize, and we are loved widely by citizen of the prefecture.
Telephone: 023-623-0344 (Oomi shop soba)

The next time is ...

Trip that is absorbed in sake in port town, Sakata-shi to Shonai district.
In the whole Shonai blessed with delicious rice and delicious Wed, famous sake assembles in full force!
There is to local sake bar with such a local sake!
In fun

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, shooting and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
Program suttafu sends in real time!
Please see in conjunction with program!








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