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Trip to Yamagata

[#1247] ~ Yonezawa-shi (Apr two weeks) that takes a trip to castle town of Uesugi

[#1247] ~ Yonezawa-shi (Apr two weeks) that takes a trip to castle town of Uesugi: Image

From Yamagata! Memoirs of trip. We tell about charm of Yamagata under the theme of "dainty food, excellent sake and hospitality" this year!
The first stage took a trip to southern part of Yamagata Prefecture, Yonezawa-shi of Okitama district.

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Uesugi Shrine (we starve too much as for pitching a camp)
Popular Sightseeing on behalf of Yonezawa. We worship Prince Kenshin Uesugi, and one Shinto shrine precinct is known as famous spot of cherry tree
It is in Matsugasaki (pine blooms) Park. Yonezawa Uesugi Festival is held during period for Golden Week
"Kawanakajima battle" that both Uesugi Takeda militaries crashed into is reproduced.
Telephone: 0238-22-3189 (Uesugi Shrine)
HP: The Gateway to Yamagata Tourist Information site

Military commander corps of Yamagata love
In the military commander corps of Yamagata love, Kagekatsu Uesugi and Kanetsugu Naoe, war-torn country military commanders related to Yamagata including Keiji Maeda gather,
Member whom we send charm of Yamagata to by powerful performances outside the prefecture.
In fact, as for the general person, there is experience plan to be able to go and worship in Uesugi Shrine with military commander corps in this armor.
Reservation is necessary beforehand.
Telephone: 0238-21-6226 (association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention)
HP: Association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention HP

Joji Uesugi Land & beni flower hermitage
Joji Uesugi Land is spot that can enjoy souvenir of Yonezawa and various meals from Uesugi Shrine immediately on foot
There are full-scale restaurant and cafe, too. beni flower hermitage is added to Joji Uesugi Land
Shop where is recommended to eating the way. Grilled Yonezawa beef skewer and croquette, Yonezawa beef gourmet including steamed meat bun gather.
Telephone: 0238-23-0700 (Joji Uesugi Land)
Telephone: 0238-23-6310 (beni flower hermitage)
HP: Joji Uesugi Land HP
HP: The Gateway to Yamagata Tourist Information site

Repayment of favor Lord Yozan of cow
Store specializing in Yonezawa beef which there is in front of JR Yonezawa Station. The first floor sells Yonezawa beef which we fattened up at company ranch at butcher's shop.
The second floor becomes restaurant and can have Yonezawa beef selected carefully at reasonable price.
With pan having this "Harihari-nabe" puts Kyoyasai in the pan with soup stock, and beef have shabu-shabu,
In frank taste, we can enjoy taste of meat and texture of vegetables.
Telephone: 0238-40-0629 (repayment of favor Lord Yozan of cow)
HP: Repayment of favor Lord Yozan HP of cow







The next time is ...

We take a trip to prefectural seat, Yamagata-shi of Yamagata Prefecture by bicycle!
"Dondonyaki loved by Yamagata citizen," it is local naradehano including "the squid arms sky"
We taste gourmet! 
Don't miss it

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, shooting and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
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