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Trip to Yamagata

Hoonji "hibutsuzenkojinyoraison" exposition special visit tour

Hoonji "hibutsuzenkojinyoraison" exposition special visit tour: Image

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Annual showcase!
Hoonji "hibutsuzenkojinyoraison" exposition special visit tour!

"zenkojinyoraison" which is told that Prince Kenshin Uesugi believed deeply.
Showcase only for day once a year!
It is limited all day long and, in Hoonji that is family temple of Yonezawa feudal lord, is unveiled
"hibutsuzenkojinyoraison" and Prince Kenshin Uesugi, Yonezawa feudal clan first generation feudal lord
In the person of Uesugi burial grounds which joss house shop from Prince Kagekatsu to 11 dai*teiko compares with,
We go round places of person of Uesugi connection.

Departure Date Tuesday, May 15, 2018 (get and back in a day)

[the price] 4,500 yen (tax-included)

[meeting] JR Yonezawa Station (1-1-43, Ekimae, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata)

[tour conductor] Available (the association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention staff)

[movement] Chartered bus

[capacity] 20 (16 minimum passenger count)

[meal] We do not arrive


  About 9:20 JR Yonezawa Station meeting / departure (as for the departure about 9:30)
        � Hoonji special exposition "zenkojinyoraison" visit

         ※Exposition on the day is only one hour,
          Because visit of general one is expected, too,
          It becomes short visit.
          Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

        Person of � Uesugi burial ground visit

        Lunch, shopping free at � Joji Uesugi Land

        Visit to � Uesugi Shrine, Uesugi Museum
         (with commentary by tour guide)

 Arrival / dissolution at about 14:30 JR Yonezawa Station

 ※There is Roadside Station Courses departing from and arriving at Yonezawa.


 ※Customer who comes than the Kanto area
  Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa No. 123 (Tokyo Station 7:12 → Yonezawa Station 9:24)
 ※Customer who comes than the Yamagata area
  Ou Main Line (Yamagata Station 8:15 → Yonezawa Station 9:06)

Hoonji "hibutsuzenkojinyoraison" exposition special visit tour [departure from JR Yonezawa Station]
Sale period 2018/05/15 ~ 2018/05/15
Meeting place 1-1-43, Ekimae, Yonezawa-shi
The handling, conduct company Association of general Yonezawa sightseeing convention
Area 4,500 yen (tax-included) ~ per person

It is ~ about ~ zenkojinyoraison and person of Uesugi
zenkojinyoraison is treasured Buddhist statue of introduction from India into Japan by way of China assumed our country oldest Buddha statue offered the Emperor Kinmei with Buddhism transmission of 552 years via Kudara from India. Because Shinshu Nakano lord of a castle Masayori Takanashi avoided flames of war of war-torn country at the Battle of Kawanakajima in 1551, we conformed to principal idol of Shinano Zenko-ji to Prince Kenshin Uesugi. Prince Kenshin built Buddha temple in Kasugayama, and it was on friendly terms, and ho* did core and did sonshin deeply and protected severely. zenkojinyoraison is moved with transference of a daimyo from one fief to another of person of Uesugi in 1601 by Yonezawa, and Prince Kagekatsu be built in Yonezawa Shiromoto circle in Mido worshiping Prince Kenshin for the second generation, of the main hall of Mido was central, and, in sommukuro of Prince Kenshin, enshrined deisoku*samontenson to zenkojinyoraison, the left to the right. When the Meiji era began, and Hoonji moved to the present location with each generation feudal lord burial ground and Mido of main enclosure was dismantled in 1876 and was done utsushiza corpse of Prince Kenshin in the present location (burial ground), zenkojinyoraison, deisoku*samontenson were moved to Hoonji and were done hoyasu. On May 15, Osamu Iwao does exposition sacred music Rogation Days and prays for world peace, all the people staying young and the wish accomplishment every year.

It is ~ in ~ application
・Thing included in tour costs: Bus fare, visit, admission charges, travel insurance charges.
・The travel expenses to meeting place (JR Yonezawa Station) are not included in tour costs.
・Lunch is not included. It becomes free lunch at Joji Uesugi Land (there is restaurant ramen restaurant).
・When application does not reach minimum passenger count, we may have to cancel.
・Reservation becomes until seven days before the departure date. It becomes form to have you transfer tour costs to account to appoint beforehand.
・Decision of operation does notification within seven days before the departure date.
・Association of sightseeing in (no company) Yonezawa convention is plan, trip to carry out, and, as for this trip, customer participating in this trip will conclude trip to offer type plan contract. Other trip conditions depend on part of trip to recruitment of trip condition document to hand separately, contract document, decision document (the last trip explanation document) and our travel agency articles type plan contract.

~ trip plan, conduct ~
[association of general Yonezawa sightseeing convention]
General trip duties handling manager: Kazuhiro Nishimura
1-4-13, Marunouchi, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata Uesugi Shrine Linquan inside the Cabinet
TEL: 0238-21-6226/FAX: 0238-22-2042


The flyer back side

The flyer back side: Image

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