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Recruitment of "Roadside Station Yonezawa" preview participants

Recruitment of "Roadside Station Yonezawa" preview participants: Image

"Roadside Station Yonezawa" finally runs business on Friday, April 20, 2018.
In preview to hold to publicize the opening of business widely toward the public in particular
You invite with a limitation of the number of people, and please sense "Roadside Station Yonezawa" bodily earlier.

<Date and Time>
 Thursday, April 19, 2018
  �10 00-12 00 (150 shares):
  �11 00-13 00 (150 shares):

 Roadside Station Yonezawa
  1039-1, Kawai, Yonezawa City
 (the Tohoku Chuo Expressway Yonezawa center IC adjacency)

 ・We can have you observe the facility freely in appointed time.
  (each charge staff performs explanation such as facilities.)
 ・Having you enjoy meal in eating and drinking facility and shopping in direct sale place
  We can do it. (participant burden charged a fee.)
 ・In one that had you do information dispatch of "Roadside Station Yonezawa" in SNS,
  We present special product by lot.
 (please see homepage or letter of invitation in detail.)

 ・Individual who is resident in the Okitama area (3 cities and 5 towns)
 ・Corporation which is located in the Okitama area (3 cities and 5 towns)
 ・Meet either requirement mentioned above, by all means car (car model does not matter.)
  One where it is arrived in this.

[application method]
 Yonezawa-shi government office homepage 
Roadside Station Yonezawa homepage
 Have download participation application from this, FAX or
 Apply by email to the secretariat.
 (we can submit to the secretariat directly.)
 Application assumes one share (one household or one piece of 1 corporation) because of one piece of participation application,
 Entrance is possible to ride capacity of one car because of one letter of invitation.
 We do the deadline of application with Friday, April 6, 2018,
 In the case of a lot of application, draw lots, to invitation decider
 We send out letter of invitation on Tuesday, April 10.

<Head Office>
 The Roadside Station Yonezawa opening of business commemorative project executive committee secretariat (department in Yonezawa-shi government office industry)
 〒992-8501 5-2-25, Kanaike, Yonezawa-shi
 Telephone 0238-22-5111


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