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Trip to Yamagata

[#1246] ~ Sakata-shi, Tsuruoka-shi (Mar two weeks) around winter superb view

[#1246] ~ Sakata-shi, Tsuruoka-shi (Mar two weeks) around winter superb view: Image

The stage of this trip is Sakata-shi and Tsuruoka-shi of Shonai district facing the Sea of Japan. We went round superb view spots only by winter!

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Icefall of Tamasudare-no-taki Waterfalls
As for "the Tamasudare-no-taki Waterfalls in valley for approximately 50 minutes," it is first-rate by car in King Taki country Yamagata from northern part, Shonai Airport of Sakata-shi
It is mei* proud of drop to. It is atmosphere full of refreshing feels in the summer, but, among big trees of cedar, waterfall is frozen hard in winter,
It is popular as superb view spot that can look at powerful icefall.
Telephone: 0234-64-3115 (Yahata, Sakata-shi synthesis branch)
HP: Sakata-shi HP

Sasagawa dining room
The neighbor of Sakata-shi, noodle shop popular to the people in the know in Haguro, Tsuruoka-shi. Menu is only meat udon,
Homemade noodles hitting and soup which is sweet, and was seasoned are excellent at affinity every morning.
It is said to be Seoul food of Shonai.
Telephone: 0235-62-2295 (Sasagawa dining room)

Haguro-san Five-storied Pagoda
notorokoniaru Mt. Haguro-san is known as the ground of mountains mountaineering asceticism by car for a long time from Sasagawa dining room for ten minutes,
It is called Dewa San-zan with Mt. Gassan, Mount Yudono and is worshiped as sacred place representing Tohoku.
Five Storeyed Pagoda in the precincts is tower which is the oldest in the Tohoku district appointed to national treasure. In winter Five Storeyed Pagoda, one side is covered in snow,
We can right see scenery such as black-and-white drawing.
Telephone: 0235-62-2355 (Dewasanzan shrine)
HP: Dewasanzan shrine HP

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
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