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Mogami-machi lights Festivals 2018

  • Mogami-machi lights Festivals 2018
  • Mogami-machi lights Festivals 2018

Lights Festivals 2018

 "Events which enjoys snow" which is made only at this time
 Lights Festivals which did this, and started. It is held the seventh in this year.
 Snow lantern more than 1,000
 We burn in Mt. Atago of venue easily warmly.
 Participate in the making of snow lantern and lighting
 You choose here and come true, and do you not sense scenery bodily together?
 We wait for participation of much one, visit (*^ ^*)

<Date and Time> Sunday, March 4 from 17:00 to 20:00

Venue: Atagoyama, Mogami-machi: 1526, Mukaecho, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata
[inquiry] Executive committee 0233-43-2233


●From 10:00 to 15:00 made with snow lantern (on the day)
* One lantern is OK by participation that we only make♪

*"Pulling udon" is served from Mukaecho district Community promotion meeting at noon.

●Candle ignition 17:00 (meeting time 16:45)

*All prior application unnecessary (receptionist on that day). Come to venue directly

*Participation, please cooperate with "chakkaman" bringing for the ignition.


★It is this about holding of lights Festivals

★The latest information (holding information on the day) of lights Festivals is Facebook


Information of Mogami-machi is MOGAPO

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