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Recruitment of Roadside Station Yonezawa "town navigator card" participants!

Recruitment of Roadside Station Yonezawa "town navigator card" participants! : Image

- PDF file [machinavipdf.pdf]

In Roadside Station Yonezawa opening on April 20, 2018
New sightseeing tool to have you make a round trip of the Yonezawa city and Okitama jurisdiction!
Town navigator card (tentative name: by car 100 selections of walk [Okitama])
It recruits participants!

You make original card of 1,000 pieces of companies, and pick up to customer
We have and promote visit to each store.

We plan the first 100 companies!
Utilization has Roadside Station Yonezawa by all means
Please make use for PR, pulling in customers of your shop!

You see the following business summary
Download attached application
You have you fill in necessary matter, and apply.

◇Business summary
In central free rest station (the 24 hours opening) special corner in hall,
We placed information such as tourist facility or store of Okitama 3 cities and 5 towns
Display "town navigator card" (postcard size), PR ・ such as the company
It can inflect as attracting tourist tool.

◇Participation qualification
Individual running business having stores in � Okitama 3 cities and 5 towns or corporation
Offering sale of � article or service
※As for this business, user of Roadside Station Yonezawa makes a round trip of Okitama jurisdiction
 Because we primarily aim at getting, it is unsuitable for purpose
 When this is thought about, I may decline.

◇Display period
From Friday, April 20, 2018 to Sunday, March 31, 2019

 Entrance fee: Tax-included 10,000 yen
 (it includes 1,000 pieces of card design plan costs + cards)
 ※Additional expenses 
  10,000 yen (it includes 500 pieces of cards) that includes � card reprint tax
  15,000 yen (it includes 500 pieces of cards) that includes � card design update, reprint tax

◇Application reception desk
� Friday, March 2, 2018 ~ 
 As soon as assume first-come-first-served basis, and become capacity, the deadline. (we raise again after the next fiscal year)
We download application from homepage of the � business main constituent,
 By email or FAX, please submit to the business main constituent.
 Manuscript paper necessary for production after the application reception desk from the secretariat
 I send.
 After filling out necessary matter, it becomes procedure called sending to green leaves temple print.

◇Business-centered reference
 (no company) Association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention
   〒 992-0052 1-4-13, Marunouchi, Yonezawa-shi
 �0238-21-6226 FAX 0238-22-2042 

[design plan, card production trust point]
  � green leaves temple print
   〒 992-0119 1-808-22, Arukadia, Yonezawa-shi
   �0238-29-1234 FAX 0238-29-1776

 � offer frame assumes 100 cases.
(but we secure at least for each five cases as municipalities minute except Yonezawa-shi of Okitama jurisdiction.)

 � application closes as soon as it becomes capacity, but person of withdrawal occurs during display period, and that participation of zankikan is hoped for, please contact the business main constituent.

 To � card, please let privilege (discount coupons) enter by all means.
  I would like attractive privilege only by this business.

 Design plan, card production trust point performs card design and production in a lump to plan unionization of � card design concept and unification with production. (carry-on is not possible.)
  But other card designs support arrangement depending on hope of participant.
 � participant, please report information of card bringing customer as of 6, 9, the 12.3 end of the month to association of sightseeing in Yonezawa convention by FAX or email by attached sheet commuter pass report by 15th in the next month.


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