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Trip to Yamagata

[#1244] Mt. Gassan ~ Nishikawa-machi (Feb four weeks) that waits for spring

[#1244] Mt. Gassan ~ Nishikawa-machi (Feb four weeks) that waits for spring: Image

This trip is Nishikawa-machi that almost spreads out in the center, the foot of sacred mountain, Mt. Gassan of Yamagata Prefecture. In town where snow was deep, we were ahead of spring.

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Shizen-to-takumi-no-densho-kan Museum
Museum in every year a little less than 3 meters Oisawa, Nishikawa-machi district where it snows. Tradition industrial art object local here,
Agate work and work to have cramped are displayed and can observe the skill of artisan.
In addition, we can experience if we make a reservation.
Telephone: 0237-76-2112 (Denshokan Museum of nature and artisan)
HP: Denshokan Museum HP of nature and artisan

We overcharge boom and have an experience made
One of the experiences of Denshokan Museum of nature and artisan. Mt. Gassan Japanese paper that material to use comes to hometown for a long time. Mt. Gassan Japanese paper of domestic production
It is precious Japanese paper that craftsman made only kouzono Thu to materials. We tear off favorite Japanese paper and design,
We can coil ourselves around glass and are completion. Mayumi of result telling is light artist using Mt. Gassan Japanese paper
We do this and play an active part.
Telephone: 0237-76-2112 (Denshokan Museum of nature and artisan)
HP: Denshokan Museum HP of nature and artisan

Oisawa hot spring yuttari building
One-day spa facility which is very close to Denshokan Museum. We can heal body which was tired while looking at nature of beautiful Oisawa.
Some hot water are sodium - chloride, sulfate hot springs with slime. It is hot spring which continues being loved by local person.
Telephone: 0237-77-3536 (Oisawa hot spring hot water ttari building)
HP: Nishikawa Synthesis Development HP

Clear stream, garden wild plants dishes "Tamaki"
Taste of hometown where Tamaki in center of Nishikawa-machi made use of ingredients of seasonal Yamagata
Popular shop which can taste traditional dishes. While, at this time, enjoying precious hina doll which has been inherited from generation to generation every year,
We can have young bird set dishes which made an elaborate plans.
Telephone: 0237-74-2364 (Tamaki)
HP: Tamaki HP

We call for an encore on the next time and broadcast

We see off, "we go round side ways" that we broadcasted in Oct.

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, shooting and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
Program suttafu sends in real time!
Please see in conjunction with program!


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