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Trip to Yamagata

[#1242] Getting out ground competition Hijiori ~ Okura-mura (Feb two weeks)

[#1242] Getting out ground competition Hijiori ~ Okura-mura (Feb two weeks): Image

This time is the northern part of Yamagata Prefecture, trip to Okura-mura Hijiori of Mogami area. Hijiori is heavy snowfall place to compete for one, the second place in Japan.
We experienced unique meeting "getting out ground competition" using this heavy snowfall.

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Hijiori Onsen
Hijiori Onsen has been loved with excellent hot water which sprang out by volcanic activity approximately 10,000 years ago for a long time as spa.
Hot-spring resort is lined with inn and Gifts shops and color is dark and still leaves spa taste.
Telephone: 0233-75-2105 (person in charge of Okura-mura industrial development section business and industry sightseeing)
HP: Okura-mura HP

Getting out ground competition World Cup
Winter pastime that gives poetic charm that is opened up on the stage of Hijiori Onsen. Hijiori Onsen is known as the Japanese first-rate heavy snowfall ground, every year
Snow approximately 4 meters is piled up. We dig snow, and how long can getting out ground competition arrive at the ground early?
At meeting to compete by team, the prefecture outside is popular Events that participants gather from the start from foreign countries.
Telephone: 0233-75-2212 (the "Oh! Kura SPORT" secretariat)
HP: Getting out ground competition official site

Soba restaurant Kotobukiya
Nearby noodle shop of hot-spring resort. We grind high quality kokusangen soba to powder in the Sun and we saw, and stand and establish,
We can have side having just finished boiling. Soba which we fully put Nameko and wild plants produced in hometown on,
It is taste only in here.
Telephone: 0233-76-2140 (soba restaurant Kotobukiya)
HP: Soba restaurant Kotobukiya HP

Hand-carving cave hot spring "MATSUYA"
Well-established inn called founding 350 years. We used wild plants and mushroom, seasonal ingredients including seafood of the Shonai beach produced in hometown
We can taste dishes. Noted product is also approximately 40 meters of hand-carving cave baths in point of cave. Hot water
Of course it is constant flowing of natural hot spring. It is Bihada-no-Yu, and it is told promoting the blood circulation to be effective.
Telephone: 0233-76-2041 (hand-carving cave hot spring "MATSUYA")

We call for an encore on the next time and broadcast

Ginzan Hot Springs of Obanazawa-shi which we broadcasted in Dec
We send "Times lip to Taisho romance".

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, shooting and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
Program suttafu sends in real time!
Please see in conjunction with program!


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