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Sagae coupling party♪

Sagae coupling party ♪ : Image

We hold "action for marriage party" where it is hosted by association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product for the first time!

Do you not look for your "encounter ♪" while enjoying restaurant buffet using material which selected carefully of chef?


Date Sunday, March 4, 2018

Time From 12:00 to 14:00 (11:30 acceptance start)

※On the day come with margin as you have you fill in profile card.

Location: Restaurant yeast gate

The offer number of people: 25 men, woman 25

Person who is targeted for participation: 25-37-year-old single man, 25-35-year-old single woman

The offer deadline: Thursday, March 1, 2018

It is for entrance fees: Male 4,000 yen, woman 2,500 yen ※Tax-included

Application method: To association of sightseeing in � Sagae-shi product by telephone or email

        Apply. It is name, age, address ・ on application by email

        Please specify contact information.

       As we tell about � transfer, the receipt of money, please.

       ※Transfer fee of applicant please note that burden.

       ※Entrance fee can pay at our association secretariat.

       After � receipt of money confirmation, it becomes reservation establishment.

Application: (no company) association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product

      TEL 0237-86-8866 E-mail konkatsu@sagae-kanko .com

Cancellation fee: On the day 100% of cancellation will have.

On the day there is not offer of alcohol.


One wanting to know detailed contents, please feel free to contact!


Association of sightseeing in inquiry / (no company) Sagae-shi product TEL 0237-86-8866



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