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Trip to Yamagata

Guidance of Hijiori Hot Springs Village "doka snowy heavy snow percent campaign"

In Yamagata Prefecture Hijiori Hot Springs Village which is famous this year in heavy snowfall area in the whole country
Advantageous plan only by winter begins!

The name is "doka snow, heavy snow percent campaign", too!

If snowfall until 15:00 of 24 hours is more than 30�, from Thursday, January 11, 2018 to Sunday, March 11, the hotel charges discount according to snowfall on the day before on accommodation date. Furthermore, the hotel charges for a night become free at the time of update more than best Quantity of 415�.

Please come to find Sun which a lot of snow seems to wave while seeing weather forecast of Mogami, Yamagata area, and to be advantageous by all means, and to stay at Hijiori Hot Springs Village. (It is: Hijiori AMEDAS reference

※As there is shopping discount privilege at store in discount and hot spring of bathing charges of, besides, one-day hot spring of discount service of the hotel charges, please see this Hijiori Hot Springs Village HP in detail.

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