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Trip to Yamagata

It is vav Lee in Semi Hot Springs!

Fun lottery start!

Grand prize is 20 g of pure gold ♪ The first prize is free accommodation coupon of Fri♪

We will expose prize which is vav Lee!

★It is chance of lottery for all the customers who had you stay!

 It is fun, advantageous special plan of Semi Hot Springs common usage.
 We enjoy hot spring and can thoroughly enjoy delicious dishes and,
 We will expose prize which is vav Lee!
 With family and friend, come by all means.

[period] Until from Friday, January 5 to Friday, April 27

 <support inn >
 *Outlook on yumemino accommodation pine building �0233-42-2311
 *yugenkishiro    �0233-42-2011
 *Inn Ogawaya    �0233-42-2411
 *Inn Hoteiya �0233-42-2427
 *Ebisu shop inn    �0233-42-2410
 *Accommodation magoroku �0233-42-2031 of the four seasons
 Furthermore! Customer who stayed at the support inn mentioned above,
 Semi Hot Springs public bathhouse "hot water of cicada" which four hot water can enjoy
It is available for  "at half price 200 yen"!
For more details, it is portal site "mogapo" of Mogami-machi!
Fun lottery!


Semi Hot Springs

〒999-6211 address 755, Ohori, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata

Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association �: 0233-42-2123

Homepage http://semi-onsen .com

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