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Trip to Yamagata

[Oe-machi] Nishiki Oe squeezes for the first time, and he is now on sale☆

(^^) where the first squeeze of local sake, Nishiki Oe of Oe-machi is now on sale very much

As you are in a limited quantity, please buy early!


             Reason of Nishiki Oe taste from this! Nishiki Oe ~ Oe-machi ~




Store store map. pdf

   � Maruki Sato Co., Ltd. (Aterazawa) tel 0237-62-2525
   Nakajimaya (Komi)         tel 0237-62-2329
   daikyushoten (Tsukinuno)       tel 0237-64-2947
   Original Suzuki liquor shop (Hongoki) tel 0237-62-2217
   Kikuchi store (Aterazawa)       tel 0237-62-2154
   Takeshi Hayashi Ichiro store (Aterazawa)    tel 0237-62-2032
   Atau Kikuchi Ichiro store (Sangootsu) tel 0237-62-3143
   Sato Co., Ltd. (Yanagawa)       tel 0237-64-2706
   Suzuki Shoten (Fujita)       tel 0237-62-2306

   Oe-machi Industry Promotion Corporation    tel0237-83-4126



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