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Trip to Yamagata

[#1234] Warm Yamagata ~ Yonezawa-shi, Kawanishi-machi, Iide-machi (Dec one week)

[#1234] Warm Yamagata ~ Yonezawa-shi, Kawanishi-machi, Iide-machi (Dec one week): Image

For warm noted product of Yamagata, we took a trip to southern Okitama district this time.

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Yonezawa ramen
Yonezawa-shi known as Yonezawa beef is town of ramen, and there is ramen shop more than 100 in the city.
Noted product is local ramen called Yonezawa ramen. Of soup and hand fir tree of soy sauce taste thin; beat; called curl noodles is traditional
It is Chinese noodles. This is ramen shop loved by local person to be founded in 1969.
Telephone: 0238-23-0376 (Katsuracho Sapporo)
HP: Yonezawa noodles business association HP

Seasonal greens dishes "plainly"
The neighbor of Yonezawa-shi, well-established dining room in Kawanishi-machi. Noted product is Yonezawa beef stewed with beef sinew.
Stewed beef sinew using the soy sauce-based secret hanging that has been inherited more than 100 years is good to rice!
Stewed beef sinew and glass of cheap sake were fixtures of office worker for work return in the times of Showa
That's right. There is shop right in front of Uzen-Komatsu Station of JR Yonesaka Line.
Telephone: 0238-42-3254 (seasonal greens dishes "plainly")
HP: Seasonal greens dishes "plainly"

Gama-no-Yu Onsen "Iide Ryokan"
Hot-spring hotel in Iide-machi that is full of 30 minutes, nature by car from JR Yonezawa Station. Old days with "vug" about frog,
With the name from legend that damaged frog healed wound in the hot spring is so.
Hot water is flowing constantly from the source, and it is told skin to be hard to feel a chill after a bath easily. Day trip bath is possible, too.
Telephone: 0238-72-3706 (hot water hot spring Iide inn of vug)
HP: Hot water hot spring Iide inn HP of vug

Raw sake of vug
Iide-machi with hot water hot spring of vug receives authorization of "raw sake special ward" in 2004, is raw sake of young sake at coming time
We can taste this. Using liquor rice that raw sake of vug grew up in rice field which we owned in hot-spring hotel,
It is additive-free and is raw sake made with no filtration.
There are two kinds of normal white raw sake and red raw sake using deep red ricemalt.
Telephone: 0238-72-3706 (hot water hot spring Iide inn of vug)
HP: Hot water hot spring Iide inn HP of vug

The next time is ...

We take a trip to the northern part of Yamagata Prefecture, Ginzan Hot Springs of Obanazawa-shi.
We change nostalgic hot-spring resort of the Taisho era to clothes of the time and rotate.
In fun

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
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