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Trip to Yamagata

The 2018 calendar "shiratakano four seasons"

The 2018 calendar "shiratakano four seasons:" Image

Version calendar releases in 2018 from November 1.

The cause of cooperation of photograph lover in the town block, seasonal scenery of Shirataka-machi spread this year

Photograph used for 1.2 Mon used winter scene which Community Revitalization Aid photographed

We took many orders with sale and became sold out last year in more than one month

Please demand early

Please enjoy the i ttashiratakano four seasons with version again in 2017


■Sales price 1,000 yen


■Handling store, Shirataka-cho Tourist Association, Roadside Station Shirataka Yana Park Ayu Ja-ya Tea House, palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle

      ・Shimizuya liquor shop, doriimu Farm 

       In senrian, the side, it is Hassun noodle shop 6 store, bear shop in the town block

                    ・Throat or village, takaraomoi side, Cherry tree of Kama-no-Koshi teahouse


■Inquiry Shirataka-cho Tourist Association ☎0238-86-0086

        (1296-1, Aratokou Flower Nagai Line Arato Station)


You can order with "calendar FAX order form" (PDF file).
Person hoped for hopes that we have you fax order form.
(it becomes road according to the postage, transfer fee)
Order form is ➡2018calendar.pdf.pdf from this


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