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Trip to Yamagata

Season of Shinsoba came over!

Season of Shinsoba came over! : Image

November begins from tomorrow.

It became noticeably cold

We eat Shinsoba in owner of a noodle shop 6 store and Shinsoba Festival meeting place in the town block, and let's get luxurious premium

Procedure is easy

When we order Shinsoba in the following owners of a noodle shop during Shinsoba campaign period or we order in Shinsoba Festival meeting place, application paper is distributed.

We apply just to place matter necessary for the application paper in exclusive box after entry and are completed!

100 people nishiratakano special products are successful by lot

Please have Shinsoba of Shirataka-machi at this opportunity


■Period from Wednesday, November 1, 2017 to Sunday, December 31

■In senrian, the side, it is 8 sun target store, bear shop

         ・takaraomoi side, quiet village, Cherry tree of Kama-no-Koshi teahouse


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