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Yonezawa treasure whole harvest festival

Yonezawa treasure whole harvest festival: Image

Hall Thanksgiving Day and Yonezawa treasure whole harvest festival to be heated to be heated!

It is spot sales society such as treasure, farm products representing autumn of Yonezawa!
Apple, Japanese radish, leek, potato, mushroom
We collect seasonal taste in cathedral and sell.

Simultaneous holding
Woodwork art of folkcraft of Yonezawa, Yonezawa textile, original one quilting, Yonezawa ware, pagoda tree
・We perform display, spot sales party such as Japanese embroidery.

There are experience-based corners such as handwoven original one quilting, Yonezawa ware Safflower Dyeing, too

<Date and Time> From Saturday, November 4, 2017 to 5th Sunday


<Location> Tachi who is boiled who breeds in Yonezawa textile, dyeing and weaving studio

   Gobyo, Yonezawa-shi 1-2-37�0238-24-0268

<Host> Non profit organization Yonezawa Denshokan Museum

Contact information :Tachi who is boiled who breeds in Yonezawa textile, dyeing and weaving studio
       Telephone 0238-24-0268


The flyer back side

The flyer back side: Image

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