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3 consecutive holidays to Shirataka Sweetfish Festival!

3 consecutive holidays to Shirataka Sweetfish Festival! : Image

By the way, it is finally one week to "the 41st Shirataka Sweetfish Festival".

How about plan of 3 consecutive holidays, everyone?

Live show that we invite three that was chosen as Ambassador song of heart by songs and ballads championship of all-Japan heart carried out in stage Events of this year in 2016!
Please heap up Festival venue!

Quite popular "little child fish notsukamidori" is twice of ~, 18th Monday (holiday) 10:00 ~ at 15:00 on Saturday for 16 days.

As you can enjoy tower wagon ride experience daylong for two days on 16th, 18th, let's look around Mogami River and sweetfish festival venue at this opportunity!

Customer coming by train is reliable!

Customer coming from terminal, Arato Station of Shirataka-machi, please use one coin taxi.

It is available for 500 yen once only for to sweetfish Festival venue from Arato Station.

※Arato Station is possible from sweetfish Festival venue, too.


For more details, to this↓↓

"The 41st Shirataka Sweetfish Festival" special page


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