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Trip to Yamagata

News of "best King Taki country Yamagata photo contest in Japan" work offer

Welcome to "best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan".

It is King Taki country of the best number in Japan of waterfall having near waterfall of 230 to 10% in Yamagata Prefecture among waterfalls (more than drop 5m) which there are approximately 2,500 in the whole country.

We are raising photographs of waterfall in Yamagata Prefecture now. Scenery photograph, portrait (person photograph) do not matter to the genre.

Please send scenery of special waterfall which you found.

For more details, please confirm on the following photocontest homepages.


Waterfall of the prefecture: Photocontest


▼Waterfall information of the prefecture is checked on "best King Taki country Yamagata in Japan" homepage▼

Waterfall information of the prefecture

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