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Trip to Yamagata

☆Light truck city IN Tendo☆

☆Light truck city IN Tendo ☆: Image

In vehicle-free promenade light truck in a row!
Direct marketing or flea market open a store♪
"Light truck city IN Tendo" is held in the following schedule!
It becomes held consecutively this year for four months☆

<Date and Time> Sunday, November 19 ※Of the last of this year become held.

○Vehicle-free promenade rainy weather decisive action, AM9: 00 ~ PM12: 30

Venue: In the vicinity of / former Route 13 in the Oinomori ground
   (from intersection of family fashion konta Sagae Highway intersection)

Contact Tendo-shi mall alliance society light truck city IN Tendo executive committee

     Telephone: → 023-654-1533
        � Kyn die communications

     <Head Office> → 090-3363-3720 (Sudo)

        →090-5236-0557 (Takeda)

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