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Trip to Yamagata

The best festival car Shinjyo Festival in Japan

Best festival car, Shinjyo Festival ~ celebration in Japan! UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage registration

This is great! Shinjyo Festival

  • UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

    On December 1, 2016,
    It is registered as Yamagata prefecture's first UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (one of mountain, pike, stand events of Japan) and attracts attention from home and abroad!

  • The number of festival cars proud of Japanese one

    Festival car of gorgeous 20 being seen only as for the Shinjyo Festival!
    It is all festival car that local young ream runs more than one month and makes, and to give.

  • Hot tradition more than 260 years

    Hot passion from the Edo era to Festival succeeded for 260 years.
    Festival continues for three days while praying for staple grains abundant harvest and prosperity.

The highlight of Shinjyo Festival


Thursday, August 24

From 8:30 to 20:30


We tell beginning of Shinjyo Festival
By "eve," "eve festival car line" to attract festival cars all at once in front of Shinjo Station from evening is the first highlight!

This festival

Friday, August 25

From 8:30 to 16:00


It is Annual Festival of Shinjyo Tenman-gu Shrine
"This festival." "shinyotogokoretsu" in Mogami Park is performed, and festival car parading around downtown with musical accompaniment will show expression unlike "eve".

Back festival

Saturday, August 26

From 8:30 to 17:00


Excitement of Festival cools down and does not do it
As for "back festival," all 20 "decoration floats" that float is displayed by all the people here are performed. There is highlight commentary from each young ream, too and can look at all festival cars slowly and carefully.

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Neighboring recommended Sightseeing

  • Semi Hot Springs

    Back room of Shinjyo which Yoshitsune legend remains.
    Sweetfish fishing of clear stream Oguni-gawa River is famous, too.


  • Akakura Onsen

    We are considered to be open hot water of Jikaku Daishi Ennin.
    We can enjoy horseback riding in Maemori Highlands.


  • Hijiori Onsen

    It prospers for a long time as spa
    Atmospheric mountain hot spring resort.


  • Ginzan Hot Springs

    Taisho wave abusive no appearance meets
    Village "Ginzan Hot Springs" of Senkyo.


  • Hanesawa Hot Springs

    Treasure house of wild plants! Nearby in the summertime
    Firefly dances in riverside.


  • Mogami barge descent

    It became famous for Basho Matsuo
    We are below magnificent Mogami River.



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