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Trip to Yamagata

It is held on folk song family independence performance "sound of Festivals" June 16!

It is held on folk song family independence performance "sound of Festivals" June 16! : Image

There is art to affect heart
"Sound of Festivals"
Musical accompaniment ~ of Festivals sounding under the ~ castle

Yonezawa folk song family who supported festival, entertainment of Yonezawa
Secondary to business Yonezawa musical accompaniment ream of the 70th anniversary of last year
We hold the second voluntary performance!
embu which makes military commander corps of Yamagata love guest this year, and is heroic
There are drum and costarring of military commander corps, too
Traditional sound, force and stage of impression, please arrive!

The curtain rises at opening 13:30 at 13:00 on Sunday, June 16, 2019 on the date and time
Venue Denkoku-no-Mori (museum) Okitama culture hall
Address 1-2-1, Marunouchi, Yonezawa-shi
Free of charge lower than admission 1000 yen for adults high school student
Appearance folk song family, Yonezawa musical accompaniment ream
Military commander corps of guest Yamagata love

The ticket purchase inquiry
Folk song family telephone 0238-23-4746
Denkoku-no-Mori (museum), Okitama culture hall telephone 0238-26-8000
Association of Yonezawa sightseeing convention telephone 0238-21-6226

Good old sound that calls back something which Japanese almost forgot
As sound does not have words, we stir imagination, and sound feeling dances dance on chest, too
The world that should be also known as "new ART" spreads out there
Traditional samisen folk song drumbeat that has been inherited by castle town Yonezawa of Uesugi
Look at stage of force to weave by all means


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