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[result announcement] Winter Takahata photo contest

[result announcement] Winter Takahata photo contest: Image

Grand prix "tub-bath of straw sandals"
   Tsutomu Sato

We announce winter Takahata photo contest 2017 examination result!

Thank you for your much application from all of you.
Winter Takahata photo contest that we held under the theme of "winter scene natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of Takahata" for the first time.
As a result of fair examination, prize-winning work was decided.
We use prize-winning work for PR, advertising activity of Takahata-machi.

↓↓↓ Please see prize-winning work by all means (random order) ↓↓↓

The associate grand prix "first snow of the year"
   Blue Kimori

The associate grand prix "feels warmth" and
   Issei Kojima

Winning "warmth of light"
   Hiroshi Ogawa

Winning "ka*"
   Masayoshi Yamashita

Winning "starlit sky and Akutsu Hachiman shrine"
   Hideo Iwatani

Winning "ray of light"
   Hidetomo Watabe

Winning "wintry moon"
   Nobuhiro Takahashi

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