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Trip to Yamagata

[#1201] Of Yamagata young bird rise; ~ Kahoku-cho, Nakayama-machi, Yamanobe-machi, Kaminoyama-shi (Mar two weeks)

[#1201] Of Yamagata young bird rise; ~ Kahoku-cho, Nakayama-machi, Yamanobe-machi, Kaminoyama-shi (Mar two weeks): Image

One hour by air only from Haneda Airport to "delicious Yamagata Airport." We arrive in Kahoku-cho by car from there for 15 minutes.
It is big production center of safflower that cultivation continues from the Muromachi era, and Kahoku-cho is known as town of young bird.
A lot of precious hina dolls of the Edo era stay to old families, and it is opened to the public at time of the Doll's Festival, and many people visit.

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Safflower Museum
Museum using very large mansion of business magnate "the Horigomes" which made fortune as safflower merchant. Valuable documents about safflower are saved approximately 5,000 points.
Many precious hina dolls made with one in the Edo era displays hina doll and is released. In addition, we finished using safflower produced in Kahoku-cho
We can look at life-sized modern young birds. 
Telephone: 0237-72-3787 (Kahoku-cho tourist association)
HP: Kahoku-cho tourist association

beni flower eight beauty spots hermitage
Closed place of thatched main building in site of Safflower Museum. Using local farm products, we can have local cuisine which mothers handcrafted.
There is hina low dining table at this time when the Doll's Festival is held, too. (※ reservation required)
Telephone: 0237-72-3787 (Kahoku-cho tourist association)
HP: Kahoku-cho tourist association

Kashiwagura Kuzaemon's Residence
It is Kashiwagura Kuzaemon's Residence in Nakayama-machi of 20 minutes by car from Kahoku-cho. We are known as village official who made fortune by trade of safflower in the Edo era.
Magnificent mansion of 360 tsubos is on very large site of approximately 4,000 tsubos, and building becomes designated cultural assets of Yamagata Prefecture. In addition, run in the Meiji era from the late Tokugawa period
Collected hina doll is released for a limited time and can look at hina decoration characterized by rare "five court ladies".
Telephone: 050-5318-6135 (Kashiwagura Kuzaemon's Residence Doll's Festival 2017 executive committee)
HP: Nakayama-machi government office HP

Hina doll is displayed at shop or museum of mall in neighbor, Yamanobe-machi of Nakayama-machi. In room which this was well-established miso shop, and used Kura
Hina doll is displayed. This is restaurant and can have hina low dining tables while seeing the Dolls' Festival.
In addition, Butadon of miso taste using local brand pig "dance U.S. pig" (maimaiton) is menu forming a line to hina low dining table of popularity.
Telephone: 023-664-5620 (yamakichi)
HP: yamakichi

Kaminoyama Hot Spring
Kaminoyama-shi that breathes castle town taste what there is in place for approximately 30 minutes by car from Yamanobe-machi. Here Ueyama is town of hot spring as there is "hot spring" for station name.
Hot spring springs out with leading excellent hot water in five districts in the city in Yamagata that did open hot water in the Muromachi era and calls one with "Kaminoyama Hot Spring".
Telephone: 023-672-0839 (Kaminoyama City Food Association)
HP: Kaminoyama City Food Association HP

hatagono feeling Hashimoto-ya
Hashimoto shop is spa hotel of space that is Japanese modern, and the Dolls' Festival of in a circle plump baby face called shintaryo (mataro) doll is decorated with this in lobby,
He/she meets coming people. There are 16 different guest rooms of flavor each in hall and can enjoy open-air bath and chartered open-air bath.
Telephone: 023-672-0295 (hatagono feeling Hashimoto-ya)
HP: hatagono feeling Hashimoto-ya

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