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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata Okitama young bird corridor loop bus tour March 26 service!

Yamagata Okitama young bird corridor loop bus tour March 26 service! : Image

- PDF file [hinakairoupdf.pdf]

Hina doll of Yamagata Okitama, bus tour around famous place
Please take at this opportunity!

Service date and time Sunday, March 26, 2017
・Arrival at ~ Uesugi Shrine 10:40 ~ at ~ Onogawa Onsen 10:20 at the first flight Shirabu Hot Springs 10:00
・~ at ~ Yana Park 13:40 at ~ Tamaniwa, Kawanishi-machi 12:50 at the second flight Uesugi Shrine 12:15
・~ at ~ Tamaniwa district 15:10 at ~ Shirataka Arato Station 14:40 at the third flight Yana Park 14:30

Tour costs 3,000 yen
   (thing included in the price, bus fare, lunch charges, expenses, tax)

・As admission charges of tourist facility do not include, please pay locally
・As we issue ticket, three flights mentioned above can take all

Minimum passenger count 15 people
Tour conductor    We go together

Apply for sponsorship travel agency by email until application Friday, March 24

(it needs reservations in advance. Lunch, please choose either A B Courses)

Many hina dolls coming to each place of Okitama area of South Yamagata for a long time.
When clansman of Yonezawa feudal clan finishes Edo duty and comes back once,
Beautiful Delicacy which we bought as Gifts to family,
We wait for all of you.

Hina corridor homepage

On Sunday, March 26, we go around display spot of young bird efficiently,
Yamagata Okitama baby of hina low dining tables corridor loop bus tour that meal was bundled
But, it is traveled.
Customer of foreigner who is interested in Japanese culture is welcome.
Come to Yamagata Prefecture Okitama district to encounter the Dolls' Festival by all means.
This bus tour becomes sponsorship trip of Meitetsu World Travel.

Details downloads flyer from the following, and please see.


Meal contents

Meal contents: Image

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