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Trip to Yamagata

[#1197] Mt. Gassan ~ Nishikawa-machi (February two weeks) of "Yukihatago" winter

[#1197] Mt. Gassan ~ Nishikawa-machi (February two weeks) of "Yukihatago" winter: Image

It is Yamagata Station by the Yamagata Shinkansen from Tokyo Station in approximately two and a half hours.
We arrive at Nishikawa-machi using Yamagata Expressway from there for approximately approximately 40 minutes.
Nishikawa-machi is leading heavy snowfall place in Yamagata Prefecture in town spreading out in the foot of one of 100 famous mountains in Japan "Mt. Gassan".

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Light of Yukihatago (hatago)
Snowy Events on behalf of Yamagata counting the twelfth in this year. As for the Gassan Shizu hot spring becoming meeting place, a little less than 6 meters of snow is piled up every year
It is heavy snowfall place. Six Yukihatago is reproduced using the snow by section of 200 meters in total length. Candle is turned on at night,
It is wrapped in fantastic atmosphere. In addition, various booths are installed in the Yukihatago, too.
Telephone: 0237-74-4119 (association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko)
HP: Light formula HP of Yukihatago

Mountain bamboo store
Liquor shop in downtown of Nishikawa-machi. Small in shop; stand, and drink, and there is bar, too and is got close to local people.
We open a store in "ice bar" in Yukihatago in this shop during period of Events. In paper-covered mantel master specialty liquor
We can taste. Recommendation seems to be hot wine to make with local red wine.
Telephone: 0237-74-2610 (mountain bamboo store)

Shizen-to-takumi-no-densho-kan Museum
In "Denshokan Museum of nature and takumi in Oisawa of Nishikawa-machi," there is studio to hand down the skill of manufacturing including straw work and papermaking to come to hometown to.
This is agate work using stone called agate (kind of ※ mineral). Uncut stone of domestic agate that around here Oisawa is the whole country, but there is few
We are known as place to be produced. Experience to make original agate work while learning the basics here from kojin of agate work
We can do. Of course this agate work participates in Events of Yukihatago, too.
Telephone: 0237-76-2112 (Denshokan Museum of nature and takumi)
HP: Association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko HP

"Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation"
It is hot spring resort in the foot of beautiful mountain "Mt. Gassan". Dorters which let traveler of Dewa San-zan visiting a shrine stay in the Edo era stand and are many worshipers here
Post town that did well. It is "light of Yukihatago" to have expressed state at that time by snow. Now commencing with summer skiing through the four seasons
It becomes place of healing of people enjoying outdoor of Mt. Gassan.
Telephone: 0237-74-4119 (association of Mt. Gassan Asahi Kanko)
HP: Gassan Shizu hot spring formula HP

Hot water "ivy" of spring of youth (omission Elatostema umbellatum var.majus (mizu))
Historical spa hotel in Gassan Shizu hot spring. It is in the immediate very front of event site of light of Yukihatago. Relaxedly cozy the hall and guest room.
And excellent hot water of Mt. Gassan heals fatigue of trip. And we can taste Yukihatago low dining table as Special Menu during period of Events.
We liken to heavy snowfall, and, as for the heavy snowfall pan which plentiful grated radish entered, body warms contrary to the name repeatedly.
We can taste Yukihatago low dining table at each hotel of hot-spring resort.
Telephone: 0237-75-2222 (ivy)
HP: Ivy and HP

We call for an encore on the next time and broadcast

We see off "Yamagata Winterreise" which we broadcasted in Dec.

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, photography and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
Program suttafu sends in real time!
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