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Trip to Yamagata

[#1194] Trip ~ Tsuruoka-shi (Jan three weeks) over Shonai feature

[#1194] Trip ~ Tsuruoka-shi (Jan three weeks) over Shonai feature: Image

One hour by air only from Haneda Airport to Shonai Airport. It is arrival by car in Tsuruoka-shi from there for approximately 15 minutes.
Tsuruoka-shi is ever castle town of the Shonai feudal lord, Sakais, and liquor dokorotoshitemo representing Yamagata Prefecture is known.

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The Watarai (Watarai) head office
Liquor dokorotoshite is known to Oyama district of Tsuruoka-shi for a long time, and four sake breweries still inherit the traditional skill and taste.
Here Watarai Head Office is historical sake brewery that they are the five best in founding 400 years, Yamagata Prefecture. At this time of cold winter training work of young sake
It is performed and can taste young sake.
Telephone: 0235-33-3262 (Watarai Head Office)
HP: Watarai Head Office

It is folk craft of representative native district reaching palace mariha Tsuruoka. What back room of Shonai feudal clan, waiting maids made in the Edo era is said to be opening.
One stitch of person needle embroidered handsome design is pleased with as present of auspicious occasion with colorful thread now beautifully.
We can do the palace marino production experience here.
Telephone: 0235-22-8140 (Ueno palace mari classroom)
HP: Federation of sightseeing in Tsuruoka-shi HP

Yutagawa Onsen
Yutagawa Onsen in place of approximately 15 minutes is open hot water 1300 by car from the Tsuruoka city. In hot spring resort said to have been opened in the Nara era,
We are known as spa, back room of Shonai feudal lord.
Telephone: 0235-35-4111 (Yutagawa Onsen tourist association)
HP: Yutagawa Onsen tourist association

Nine soldier of the Imperial Guard inns
Well-established accommodation in business for 300 years. We can have seasonal taste of Shonai in tasteful calm room.
We can taste "cold cod" which made an elaborate plans in each inn in winter dishes. We call cod produced at time of cold cold dollar in here Shonai,
It is got close as winter taste. As for "the Dongara-jiru to taste with above all fatty cold dollar as pan made with miso," popular.
Telephone: 0235-35-2777 (nine soldier of the Imperial Guard inns)
HP: Nine soldier of the Imperial Guard inns

The next time is ...

Sagae-shi is stage of trip! Charm of winter festival "Yamagata snow festival" held soon
Besides, strawberry picking is experienced earlier
In fun

From Yamagata! Memoirs facebook page of trip
Backstage of topic, shooting and program production that we were not able to introduce in program
Program suttafu sends in real time!
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